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Water everywhere


It’s snowing where I live right now.  I am looking out of the window and see white instead of the dark where grass would usually be.

I will be moving in two weeks to a place where it seldom snows and, if it does, its appearance causes chaos for days to follow.

I am used to living in a place where snow is common and so have no concern regarding tonight’s fall upon tomorrow’s footfall: all will be well when I wake.  I come from the southern hemisphere, so getting used to northern hemisphere weather took some time.  And I have relatively recently begun to understand different national views regarding weather.  We, as humans, all talk about weather.  There’s a misconception that only specific nationalities have proclivities to talk weather as the first topic of engagement.  Having lived in many countries and had intimate dealings with nationals of many more I can assure you that weather preoccupies us all.

It will continue to do so as the planet adjusts to climate change.

But I digress.

I am about to move from 400m above sea level to a place that is 5m below.  This will be curious for me.

Does water boil at a higher temperature?

I am also about to move from the highest country in Europe to the lowest.  What will this mean for my weather conversations?

No snow, for one.

And if there IS snow, there will be transportation chaos.

But much water.  And there is much to discuss about water.

Eddies.  Flow.  Waves.  Tsunamis.



Time will tell which conversations become important.

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I buy technology. I am curious about how technology has changed, and its impact in the workplace and upon society. I also like street art. And dachshunds. Especially dachshunds.

A taste of today´s technology