A taste of today´s technology

About this blog


Understanding Technology.

I have professionally bought IT for years.

But now even I am trying to better understand today´s tech and its implications in the workplace, and in our world.

Emerging elements like AI and the Internet of Things, more established trends like Cloud and Mobile, will converge to create a workplace the 20th Century could not have conceived except perhaps in Sci-Fi.

  • As a 20th Century artefact, I want to understand how IT will disrupt, how it is being overhyped, how it works, what it could mean for me as I age into a world my grandparents would not recognise.
  • As a buyer of technology, improved understanding will help me to do a better job of buying the stuff.
  • And by making my learning public, I hope you can learn alongside me.

Perhaps we will all learn something new.

A taste of today´s technology