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Don’t delay, reskill today!


Well, here’s some depressing news on the future of work.  Even if you retrain, you still may remain unemployed:  a study on a small town in the US where the major employer left shows that those individuals who retrained did not necessarily get re-employed.  In this instance, it seems to be due to the fact that the location did not have many roles and while people were reskilling, those who were not filled the few vacant positions and rose faster than the reskilling population just by virtue of being in situ.  This may not be statistically very relevant but there’s something to be said for where you are and what else is happening while you are off reskilling.

More support for my argument that we should all be reskilling  before  we are laid off!


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I buy technology. I am curious about how technology has changed, and its impact in the workplace and upon society. I also like street art. And dachshunds. Especially dachshunds.

A taste of today´s technology